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For Small or Medium Sized Businesses there may simply not be sufficient requirement to recruit a full time manager to carry out Quality/Environmental/Health & Safety responsibilities.

Some companies may ask other managers to lead the process of managing their Quality/Environment/Health & Safety systems as an additional responsibility without really having the necessary skills or experience.

Whatever position you find yourself in Firecrest can help.

We offer a tailored solution for the appointment of a management system specialist who can support your business needs for implementing, reviewing and continually improving your management system in line with the requirements of International Standards.

Outsourcing your requirement gives you the advantages of external support with an independent view whilst at the same time working closely with all parts of the business as part of the team. Managers’ time is therefore left free to concentrate on what they need to do with the confidence that the management systems are being maintained.

In reality you have access to full time support whilst only paying for a part-time resource.

The level of planned support will be agreed with you and may include all or a combination of any of the following areas:

  • Document control and review;
  • Internal Audits;
  • Workplace Inspections;
  • Facilitating Management Reviews; and
  • Liaison with and guiding Certification Body Assessors.

Whether you need someone to come in once a month or once a year the outsourcing arrangement is planned in advance. This helps to manage costs, time and resource. We offer flexible terms so that your costs are fixed and support is available when you need it.

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